Games On A Roll has the best most advanced gaming theater on wheels! We offer the very best, so don't compromise for your next party or event! Here are the highlights:

Our rig is 32' long and has a high ceiling to accommodate most adults.

Fully self-powered by our on-board generator, so there's no need to plug in!

Climate controlled inside to provide comfortable gaming even during our area's hottest summers or coldest winters.

Seats 24 or more inside with our tiered stadium seating.

Five HUGE HDTV's (including our amazing and spacious "Action Area") allow 20 gamers to play at once!

Digital surround sound to feel the games

Laser and LED light show to provide a party atmosphere

Xbox, Wii, Wii U and PS3 gaming systems

Video games to suit all ages and event types.

The hottest multiplayer games, some allowing up to 16 to play one game at the same time!

Weekend (Friday – Sunday)
1Hour Party $225
2 Hour Party $299

Weekday (Monday – Thursday)
1 Hour Party $199
2 Hour Party $225

Combination Mobile Video Game and Laser Tag Party
90 Minutes in the Mobile Video Game Trailer followed by 90 minutes of Laser Tag with the deluxe field package: Weekend Price $499, Weekday Price $425

Combination Mobile Video Game and Water Tag Party
90 Minutes in the Mobile Video Game Trailer followed by 90 minutes of Water Tag with free triple play upgrade: Weekend Price $499 Weekday Price $425


Check out our Add-On Extras HERE!


Games On A Roll! The Game Coach has it under control! Spacious Interior Always fun in here! Dance Time! Hi-Definition Gaming! Stadium Seating Room for a crowd! Fun for all ages! Awesome lights and sound! They play while you relax! Another happy party group! Everybody's a star!


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